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Cyber Bullying should be taken very seriously and addressed immediately once you discover that your child is being harassed.

Many teens who are victims of Cyber Bullying never report the abuse to their parents or school officials out of fear of reprisals from their attackers.
End the humiliation of having detailed information about your teen posted online.
With RemoveItNow.com you can remove negative online information from the first page of search results
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Cyber Bullying - posting insidious content over the internet in an attempt to humiliate or destroy the reputation of someone else.

Bullying in school has evolved past someone simply taking your lunch money. The bullying of today has a far more painful impact.

Imagine that someone has posted online that your 16 year old daughter is a slut. Imagine how your daughter would feel knowing this information is on the first page of search engine results & sits in the number one spot whenever her name is searched. Imagine that your daughter is applying for college admission at a very competitive university. Imagine how helpless you would feel when you contacted Google and demanded that they remove the post, only to find out that they could care less.

The Internet has become the Wild West without a Wyatt Earp to protect & defend your online reputation. So now the lies that a fellow cheerleader posted about your daughter will remain there everyday for the world to see.
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